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The Elephant In The Room is often the inability to communicate clearly with empathy and respect to a coworker, partner, associate, secretary, etc. Effective communication is essential for high-performing teams. Raising an un-discussable issue in the team has to be the final challenge in the league of tough conversations. Undiscussable issues are often the topic of conversation throughout most water coolers. If you are in charge of the team there are three main things you can do to get the elephants into the room:.

Start creating an environment which promotes the disclosure — ask the team what would be needed in creating such required environment. Model transparency together with full openness — start to talk about your aspirations for the team and the concerns that you have about the whole welfare the team performance if there are certain issues which members cannot discuss.

Work consistently with the purposes and principles you espouse — acting unpredictably will only reduce the levels of trust in your team and bring more barriers to discuss the elephant. High performing teams operate in transparent and open environments where concerns about behavior, performance, and style can be raised — even the behavior of the leader. Conversation on a first date is a fickle thing.

elephant in the room

If you have little in common with the other person, it can be forced, awkward and perhaps punctuated by uncomfortable silences. Many smart professionals are too busy with tasks, deadlines, the job at hand to deal with the issue of fostering effective communication because as an uncomfortable issue it can be set aside to the priority of a report, meeting, surgery, court appearance, deadline, etc.

But what is the cost of not trying to improve communication and relationships? Too often the avoidance of communication issues results in the very thing that no business wants. Low morale, high attrition, detrimental effects on clients, customers, vendors, and ultimately loss of business and revenue. Here is how poor communication can wreak havoc and lead to a downward spiral.

When workers receive information that is poorly communicated, the result can be confusion or misunderstandings which can often lead to mistakes on the job. Mistakes can then affect the perception of competency which then affects self-esteem, and can cause blame, projection, and conflict.

In an atmosphere of low morale, there can be a hesitancy to get clarification or ask questions needed due to the apprehension or a concern of how one will be perceived. Written communications, e-mails, etc. In this kind of environment, it is easier for personality differences to be highlighted and blamed as people may be quick to point the finger when things go wrong.

The above scenarios do exist, and again the costs of not dealing with them are high.

Elephant In The Room

The good news is that there are strategies and techniques that when put into place can turn things around. Here are Seven Strategies For Effective Communication that can make a difference in your firm or organization:. There should be A Very Clear Articulation of the Core Values of the organization to all employees, partners, members, etc.

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It has been said that without a vision, the people perish. Vague goals make people feel that they are working in a vacuum without a compass, and can foster a hunkered-down mentality that is more about survival than thriving. On the other side, there is nothing like clearly defined goals, vision, and values to inspire , motivate and unite people in common purpose.

A Commitment to Mutual Support and Respect for all members of an organization. That may start with an acknowledgment that what another person brings to the table and their value to the organization is important and a priority. Individuality is also respected.

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The commitment to respect, civility, support is shown in the way people are treated. It is important to see people as people and not impersonally. Simple acknowledgment in conversation, e-mail, etc.

The Elephant in the Room by Jon Ronson

This makes people more vested in the places that they work. Asking Questions is encouraged so there is barrier-less communication. Answering questions are not viewed as a time waster but serve as a way to clarify a task or job so that time is ultimately saved, and productivity heightened. Than vs. Fish vs.

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