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Other ideas: Write shopping lists together. Or read over your daily schedule. Can you help me find it?

10 Must-Have Counting Books

He says that parents are doing many great things already, like reading books that play with speech sounds. Ultimately, to teach kids to love to read, parents must love to read themselves. Research has shown that parents who view reading as fun raise children who read better than those whose parents view reading as an academic skill. What kids will gain goes way beyond the ability to decipher words on a page. The A. Michelle Woo. Filed to: Reading. Download PDF Download. Under a Creative Commons license. Abstract Learning to read and write is a basic skill that unfortunately not everybody acquires sufficiently.

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Find Strega Nona at your local library. Levine, 40 pages. The animals at the local farm head to town looking for excitement. When they see all the happy faces leaving the library, the animals realize the fun must be happening inside.

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  2. Suburbanisierung - Verlauf in Ost- und Westdeutschland (Bsp. Mainz) (German Edition).
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Unfortunately, their many requests for a book are indecipherable to the librarian. Can the clucking hen save the day? Find Book! The surprise ending is guaranteed to put a smile on the face of any young child who is concerned about that all-important first day. Find First Day Jitters at your local library. Too many vowels and consonants bring a crash that calls mamas, papas, uncles and aunts the capital letters, of course to the rescue.

Find Chicka Chicka Boom Boom at your local library. The Cat in the Hat is back to remind us that reading can be done everywhere and anywhere, upside down, on a train, or even with your eyes shut! Budding readers will appreciate Dr.

10 Must-Have Counting Books | Scholastic | Parents

This rollicking romp of a book is about cooking with mom, and includes a fun recipe for parents and children to try together. Find Bee-Bim Bop at your local library. Parents need to know that this book, the first in the Keeker series, will draw in emergent readers, especially horse lovers. It includes positive messages on caring for and building trust with animals.

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A girl is tossed off a pony, but not injured. How does she manage her frustration and overcome it to win Plum over? For children who are challenged with this reading, parents can work with them by alternating reading of pages, paragraphs or sentences. Find Keeker and the Sneaky Pony at your local library. Magical fairytale weaves a rich tapestry for all. The story itself is a classical quest tale of a young man going out in search of himself. He encounters lessons along the way and ultimately finds that the secret lies within himself and in the natural world around him. Dutton, 32 pages.

This lighthearted, comic-book style story takes readers on a trip through an art museum. As a family wanders through a museum, different types of art are introduced. Find Visiting the Art Museum at your local library. Butler continues to endear us with his cozy, cuddly baby animals. This time, baby animals are in action, making their way through the forest looking for something. After being awakened by the little brown cub who adorns the book cover, the animals gather seeds, nuts, berries and other gifts that they convey through the forest to a clearing.

Light filters through the forest, and the baby animals discover a mother deer is resting.

The baby animals quietly approach to find a brand-new baby — a fawn. This book is begging to be read aloud with rhymes that are fun and gentle, welcoming the newest life to the forest.

But This Is What Gets in Our Way

Find Wake Up, Sleepy Bear! This wonderful book presents a typical day at school for eight youngsters. Full of bright photographs, the children, some with disabilities, are shown as active, competent members of the classroom community. Find Friends at School at your local library. You see, she has to earn her wings before she can truly become a real fairy. Come watch her spin her magic.

How fluent is your child? How do you know?

You can bet there will be some trouble if she is anything like David. Find Alice the Fairy at your local library. The rhythm of this tale about a skunk — who heads home and wonders about robbers, pirates, ghosts and trappers — is very engaging. Children are captive to the tension of the tale. Find The Bravest of the Brave at your local library. This variation of the classic tale is set in the western United States. The main character runs from roadrunners, javelinas and long-horned cattle until a coyote eats him. The story ends with a rancher, his wife and the coyote making more gingerbread cowboys. Find The Gingerbread Cowboy at your local library. The hook: Nancy is back and fancier than ever. After Nancy and her friend Bree become captivated with butterflies, the two girls decide to throw a butterfly party.

Familiar sparkly cover aside, this book is sure to please current Nancy fans. Good enough to become a classic fairy tale. Find Good Enough to Eat at your local library. Let me in! Find Heckedy Peg at your local library.