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And what do you know…. As for A, there were still no blatant signs.

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Leave this field empty. Those little buggers… I accidentally left them in the fridge instead of the freezer over night. My bad. I look forward to what tomorrow has to bring!

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PJ Martinez July 4, Reply. Incredible experiement!

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Quite interesting! Tia Sister July 5, Reply. Designs as unique, bright, and dynamic as our wearers!

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Threads are hand-dyed before weaving, ensuring our bright signature colors. Happiness comes in soft, comfortable and small packages. If we can make you smile every time you look at your feet, we have done our job!

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Woven Pear wants to be with you for every step of your journey, adding just a hint of quirk, joy, and comfort along the way! Free shipping on all US orders. Customer Support. Toggle navigation MENU. Create an Account Sign In. You have no items in your shopping cart. A direct hit would probably seriously incapacitate a dog, and would definitely finish off a chicken.

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Last year, we had a fairly modest crop. And I decided that, instead of just shaking my fist and swearing at them — alright, as well as swearing at them — I would put them to use.

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The problem is that black walnuts, when ripe, have a dark husk around the kernel. The oil in this husk, juglone, will stain absolutely anything, forever. I wore a pair of ordinary work gloves on my first attempt to tackle them, about two weeks ago, and my fingers are still brown. So last weekend I acquired a pair of industrial rubber gloves and hove to.

If the nuts are ripe enough, the husks come off quite easily. I ran the batch through several hosings and soakings, and although the water never ran off clear, eventually most of the coating was cleared off.

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  6. I did an initial drying in a wheelbarrow in the sun, but have now moved them to the space above our chicken coop. But without the Smaug. Unless one of the chickens starts breathing fire any time soon.

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    PS the whole moss-on-trees thing is apparently not really true, and you can actually find North by getting out your iPhone and running the Compass app. Frankly amazed how people ever crossed the Atlantic without these things. We are also attacked from above by walnuts the size of softballs!

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